Droll Digital Download

Droll Digital Download

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"Droll, despite the dark and dreary name, is straight up improvised, acoustic based dance music with elements of New Age bliss.

My old friend and long time collaborator, Gibb Droll, plays electric guitar as well as engineered, mixed and produced this piece of listenable art. With all but one track being instrumental, it has a tendency to relax me while head bobbing and filling me with pride to be affiliated with such an artist as Gibb Droll.

I would tell you to check him out online but he is a digital recluse and overall technological luddite… he can be spotted in person playing guitar in Bruce Hornsby's band The Noisemakers and occasionally I coax him out of his seclusion to play in bands with me… such as Moseley, Droll & Sipe, KWahtro and sometimes as “The Jerry” in Grateful Gospel and yes, he only uses a flip phone.” Please enjoy Kw
1. Settlers Mix
2. Flip Phone Love
3. Six Miles
4. Flutus
5. The Goat
6. Curious
7. Porch Jam
8. Hoo and Coot

All songs written by Keller Williams & Gibb Droll
Keller Williams: guitar, bass, drum programming and vocals
Gibb Droll: guitar, bass, drum programming

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Gibb Droll
Mastered by Wayne Pooley
Album cover painting of Flutus the Goat by Leah Tumerman
Graphic Design Mark Berger at Madison House Design
Special thanks to Sean McConnell at Silent Desert Studio in Nashville, TN